Best skin care products 2020 in India


  Best skin care products 2020 in India I’m passionate about guiding you how to perfect your skincare routine. my favorite recent body skincare products.

Now I have seen what products I recommend for specific issues, all this kind of stuff.

And I’ll be honest, I’m not huge into body skincare typically, because, I know I say this all the time I know it’s getting annoying, but it’s so humid here. So honestly, using body skincare beyond sunscreen is not really like a thing. .

Like I’m not using body lotions and body creams, because you will sweat that shit out in a heartbeat, and it will not look cute. .

This just in. about how to take care of specific issues, like psoriasis and body eczema, keratosis pilaris, and a bunch of other skin issues,

And I’ll be honest, like I feel like those issues are best addressed by a dermatologist. about all of those body issues here 

And, you know, I guess if I see, I’m happy to write, but I just don’t feel that that kind of matches Like I like to focus on more fun things about skincare, rather than this is this specific skin issue, this is what it means, this is how you treat it.

I’m so excited to talk about this product, because it is so cool, and so innovative.. If you aren’t familiar with the brand,

 1 Desert Essence Fragrance-Free Body Wash 

2 Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Fragrance-Free Body Wash

3 Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Body Wash

4 Necessaire, the body wash.

5 Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream

6 Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Cream.

7 Skin Fix Eczema Hand Repair Cream.

8 Versed Backup Plan Acne Control Body Mist

9 Aloe Vera Gel.

10 Astivita SPF 50 Face and Body Sunscreen.

But this product takes deodorant to a whole new level, because guess what it is? It’s a chemical exfoliant.

 Now, chemical exfoliating acids are a much lower pH. .So when they’re added to our skin, or any solution, they bring the pH down. I know this sounds complicated. It sounds sciencey

 And the cool thing about Corynebacteria is that it doesn’t emit that BO smell when it’s at a low pH.

I don’t know, I just got really excited about this product because it utilizes new, innovative strategies for skincare, and deodorant care, as opposed to just another clean deodorant.

So I’m a big fan. And if you wanna get one of your own,, you can shop there.,

 So let’s talk about body washes. I’m so excited to tell you guys about this product, because when I found it and I saw the ingredient list, I was like, “What? How does this perfect of a product exist?“ 

 1 Desert Essence Fragrance-Free Body Wash.

 I actually got this per recommendation because this brand has a mineral SPF lip balm, which I’ve never found before.

Super cool. I’ve been trying it. But this product, specifically, oh my God. The ingredient list is amazing.

Typically, body washes are formulated with more harsh ingredients, you know, to be able to get away at the dirt and the sweat that builds up. But this one, the first ingredient is aloe.

The second ingredient is green tea extract. I rarely find expensive products 2 that formulate with that high of a percentage of green tea, let alone this super cheap body wash.

  Like Desert Essence is really affordable. It has jojoba oil, a great oil for hydrating the skin.

Willow bark extract to help prevent breakouts. Yucca and sea kelp, really innovative ingredients that I don’t find in many formulas, and no stripping or harsh surfactants whatsoever.

But when you use it on the body, it does have a light foaming experience. I guess it suds up. It doesn’t foam, it suds up.

This body wash is so good. You only need a little bitIt spreads really far. One of the best body washes that I’ve ever found. And honestly,

That’s how good the ingredient list is . Gosh, muy bien. Oh, by the way, all the products that are listed.

If you do feel like supporting me, and doing a little bit of shopping, feel free to use those links, but no pressure whatsoever.

They’re just there as a resource.

Hopefully just to make things easier for you ’cause some of these products are a little bit harder to find. Obscure, I would say.

Another one I’ve really been enjoying is

2 Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Fragrance-Free Body Wash.

 Now this one, I just kind of bought on a whim 

 ’cause I was like, “Oh yeah, I need something 

 that’s just gonna operate like a basic body wash.”

 And I’ve actually been really impressed with this one. 

 It does have sodium laureth sulfate as the third ingredient, 

 but I don’t find that problematic in a body wash because your body is a lot more resilient than your face.

 And the second ingredient is glycerin.

So it helps to compensate for any dryness you would experience from sodium lauryl sulfate.

This one I specifically like to use to dilute my other body washes that I’m gonna talk about to make it last a little bit longer, because this one on its own, while it works well, it’s kind of boring, but when you mix it with another formula, it helps to really kind of like, what’s the word? Make the formula last longer.

And I’ve had this for months and it was so cheap. I mean, it lasts for a really long time. 4 I think the ingredient list is good.

It’s fine. It’s like other Cetaphil products. Works well, that’s all you need.

But I specifically like mixing that one with two different body washes, one of which being 

3 Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Body Wash.

 This one. Okay. I will admit . It is bougie. It’s very, very bougie. Oh my God.

The smell is incredible. And I know you guys may be thinking, “Hyram, fragrance!” I know, I know. I’m actually fine with fragrance in body washes.

First of all, fragrance in a cleanser formula I don’t find problematic because it rinses off in 30 seconds.

But specifically for the body, the body, like I said before, is a lot more resilient than the face. It can handle a lot more.

And being that I do think it is fun to utilize at least one part of the skincare routine with a little bit of fragrance,

I think the body wash is the most fun part, and this one I have loved for years. I think this is probably my fourth or fifth bottle that I’ve used over the past few years. 

The smell is just, oh my God, intoxicating. It smells like a sexy, orange cocktail on a night out, I think. Yeah. I don’t know how to describe it.

It smells so good.

I remember when I was in high school, I got a tiny, little bottle from a friend.

I don’t know how, they’d gotten it when they were traveling, and got it in a fancy hotel.

They gave it to me. I made that thing last for months. It was this smell because I was so obsessed with it. And I was like, 

4  Necessaire, the body wash.

 And this one is the bergamot flavor as well. For some reason, I just really like bergamot body washes.

It’s something like, maybe it’s, you know, in the morning that that scent, that kind of wakes you up.

I don’t know. 1 This one is very similar to the Molton Brown one. 0I will say I like the Molton Brown smell a little bit more, but I’ve mixed those two together. Well, it creates a really cool, like citrusy cocktail smell.

But I also love this one because of the packaging, that has like a twist cap where you can just squeeze and it comes out really easily. And I honestly really like this packaging. 

I put multiple of my body washes in this packaging, and I’m probably gonna reuse it, because that’s just how much I like it.

It’s formulated with niacinamide, sugar extract, apple, green tea, marula oil, so many good ingredients, I just feel like they have really high-quality body skincare.

And while they do have a bergamot scent, they also have a fragrance-free one as well, if you wanna use that

And yes, it is more luxurious, but if you’re wanting really high-quality body skincare formulas, Necessaire is definitely the brand to go to.

Next is body moisturizers The first one, I’ve talked about this one before as well, is the

5  Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream. 

Now I’m not a big body cream person. Like I said, it’s really humid here in Hawaii.

Your skin always feels soft and hydrated, but I also sometimes like using a body cream before I go to bed, in case my skin is feeling a little bit dry, or something that I can use when I travel to the mainland. And this formula is awesome.

It’s such a lightweight gel cream that really quickly absorbs into the skin, 1 but it actually packs a punch for hydration.

As far as the ingredients, it is like standard hydrating ingredients. It’s formulated with glycerin as well.

hat’s the second ingredient, actually. And it is fragrance-free, which I definitely like.

The Hydro Boost line from Neutrogena is like hit or miss for me.

And usually I feel like, for the face, products are a little bit overpriced 1 for how simple the formulas are, but this is definitely a unique formula 1 that I haven’t found with other brands.

It’s just such a nice, lightweight texture. And I think a great product for anyone who’s trying to get into body skincare and moisturizing the body, that doesn’t wanna feel sticky, over-hydrated, heavy, or, you know, those types of things.

And then for hand creams, I have two that I absolutely love. .

Maybe I do need to delve more into body skincare. Let me know your recommendations down below, because I would love to hear the products that you guys are obsessed with, ’cause I need all the recommendations I can get. 

6 Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Cream. 

This product, oh my God, it saved my hands. When I was in the mainland, 1 I had really bad eczema on my hands, to the point that every single day they would crack and bleed, 1 like blood running down my hands.

It was not cute. Definitely not what you want people noticing, as an insecure middle-schooler. 

And I went through so many hand creams, 0 and most of them I would have to apply at least eight times throughout the day 1 in order to keep my hand-cracking at bay, and nothing worked, until. I feel like an advertisement.

Till I found this one. Honestly, this is just an incredible hand cream. It’s so emollient.

It really locks in the hydration on the hands. It completely rescued my hands. I’d only have to use this once or twice in a day, 1 and my hands would never bleed.

My mom and I actually struggled from the same issue, and we got like a huge container that we would just go through so fast 3 because we’d struggled so much.

But it’s honestly incredible, and I recommend it to anyone who does have eczema. I think this is a great

7 Skin Fix Eczema Hand Repair Cream.

 I have been loving this one to hydrate my hands after using so much hand sanitizer throughout the day.

I’m sure you guys can relate that using so much hand sanitizer, 1 and washing your hands constantly, 3 I actually got to the point where my skin was peeling up.

It was getting so dry because I was doing it so much. And so I always have this in the car with me to moisturize my hand when I need, and I love the brand Skin Fix, 2 because they use a lipid complex that really helps to repair and restore the skin’s moisture barrier.

And while this is a little bit more expensive of a formula, it has colloidal oatmeal, which is great for eczema-prone skin Allantoin, oat oil, shea butter, and so many good hydrating ingredients.

 Like looking at this ingredient list, I was like, This is a really good product.”

And I think there is a reason why it has won so many awards, because this is a very popular product, and definitely has my stamp of approval. Next is my most recent find, and I will admit, I have not used this enough to get my full thoughts on, but I think the product is so cool, and so innovative.


8 Versed Backup Plan Acne Control Body Mist.

 Now you guys have asked me a lot about how to control acne on your body. And it’s a difficult thing.

I usually recommend facial salicylic acid cleansers, and just use them on your body, as a great way to prevent it.

But for leave-on treatments, it’s difficult to find a good acne control product that isn’t either going to feel really heavy on your skin, or isn’t formulated with really stripping and irritating ingredients.

And for me, 1 because I’ve been working out a lot more recently, I have been struggling with some body acne, and I’m like, “I don’t wanna use any topical creams or serums because they can be too heavy on my skin.” 

And they’re a little bit more difficult to apply, but this is so cool because it’s a mist that’s formulated with 2% salicylic acid, so the highest concentration of salicylic acid 5 that you can get.

Such a cool way of applying it.

I feel like anyone who is like a student athlete, or just an athlete in general that does struggle with like back acne or body acne, this is definitely a product you would want to get, because the ingredient list is great, it’s not going to overly strip your skin, and best of all, well, maybe not best of all, but I think it’s really cool, it’s a non-pressurized can.

One of the reasons I don’t like mists for skincare is that usually it comes in a metal can that isn’t able to be recycled, and the actual process of misting it is really bad for the environment, but this one, somehow they managed to do it in a recyclable bottle that has a continuous mist. 

And I’ve used a lot of this so far, and you can’t even tell, like, it’s insane. This will last forever. I don’t know. 

I’ll keep you updated on how this works when I struggle with body acne, but I just feel like I have to mention it because I think it’s so innovative. Just a really cool product. 1 And the last two products are my summer favorites. 

 9 Aloe Vera Gel.

 I talk about this one in my “How to Get Rid of a Sunburn” video. This, by far, is the best aloe vera gel that I’ve found on the market.

It’s just really simplistic. It has a good ingredient list, a high concentration of aloe, as opposed to a lot of other aloe vera gels that are formulated with a crazy high concentration of denatured alcohol, which I’m just like,

“Why the hell would you do that?” Ugh, it’s manipulating customers. I hate it. But this one’s a really good formula.

It’s super cheap, fragrance-free, also dye-free, and I love leaving this in the fridge to cool, and then applying it whenever I do happen to get a sunburn, which, you know, is not very often, but it does happen.  I’m guilty of it as well.

Definitely a good one for anyone out there. And then finally, my favorite body sunscreen that I have been using.

You guys know I love to use mineral sunscreens, especially for my body, because I typically will most use body sunscreen at the beach.

That’s when I really apply it a lot, and I don’t want to use any chemical UV filters that are risky to coral reefs. 

10 Astivita SPF 50 Face and Body Sunscreen

. Guys, this stuff is no joke. I was sent a whole box of them by the brand, and I didn’t even know I was going to get them, but I’ve started using them, and I love it. 

It’s formulated with a crazy high concentration 0 of zinc oxide.

I mean, SPF 50, so you’re getting a really good protection. It protects so well.

The last time I got sunburned, you could see the distinctive line of no sunburn, versus a ton of sunburn, after I’d been out in the sun for like four or five hours.

It performs really well, it’s fragrance- and irritant-free,  and it has a very minimal white cast

 Like my friends who do have darker skin tones, we’re all using this product, ’cause they were like, “Wow!”

This is one of the only mineral body sunscreens I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave a heavy white cast,  and it doesn’t feel super heavy or sticky






 Honestly, I love this one. Even though it is a smaller size, it’s a really affordable price point on Amazon, though, so buying more bottles, if you do use a lot of this, it’s not a problem, but I have been using quite a bit, a long way to go for this one. 

I just highly recommend this sunscreen.

I think it’s a great option. What do you think of these products? Are any of them your favorite?  Have you tried any of them before?

Do you have any more recommendations that I would like to try? and feel free to check out their deodorants.

And if you haven’t already, be sure so that you can see 

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