Best wheelchair in India 2020

Best wheelchair in India 2020 A wheelchair is only a seat fitted by wheels which is liable for giving portability and solace to the individual sitting on it, worked either physically (rolling the wheels by hands) or naturally through engine.

Definitely, individuals who are debilitated or harmed, for example, a crack and have strolling issues use it as a methods for being versatile for shorter period.

Finding as well as can be expected become a dreary errand and on the off chance that you are in the journey of the best one, at that point you have arrived on the ideal page as following 36 hours of exploration, our group has ordered top notch of top 7 wheelchairs in India.

1 Viva Healthcare Wheel Chair Mag Wheel
2 KosmoCare Dura Rexine Mag Wheel Regular Foldable Wheelchair with Safety Belt
3 Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair
4 KHL Attendant Wheelchair-F12 (Steel, Dwk611)
5 VMS Careline Pneumatic Regular Foldable Stainless Steel Wheelchair with Safety Belt (Black)
6 Wheelchairs Buying Guide
7 End
1 Viva Healthcare Wheel Chair Mag Wheel

With its lightweight-18kgs, physically planned and foldable characteristics,

Viva medical care self-moved wheelchair stands first on our rundown. Its casing is comprised of 1.2 mm thick round M. Steel Pipe and unrivaled quality Spokes edge.

It has been ergonomically planned so a specialist can even utilize it appropriately with strong holds.

Most extreme client weight limit: 100kgs, ideal for hefty to lightweight individual.

Other remarkable highlights of Viva medical services talked wheel are

Versatility it tends to be conveyed anyplace on the grounds that it is foldable

Fixed armrest and ottoman the individual can put their arms and foot and feel good

Sturdy as it is comprised of chrome covered steel outline

Roomy the width of the seat is 46 cms which can give enough space while sitting


Helpful side brakes

Movable safety belt for wellbeing

Locking cut with belt

Simple to clean

Ideal for an individual who has lower body parts issue

Concocts a chamber pot for washroom needs


No headrest

No orderly brake

Tallness of the seat isn’t movable

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2 KosmoCare Dura Rexine Mag Wheel Regular Foldable Wheelchair with Safety Belt

KosmoCare Dura Rexine is a self-pushed wheelchair comprised of a straightforward structure with a tough edge and is ideal for every day utilization.

Its 18 kgs weight makes its agreeable and steel outline material solid. Additionally, the wheels are of predominant quality mag ones and are totally rust free.

Greatest client weight limit: 100 kgs, is ideal for any individual.

Other best highlights of Dura Rexine Mag Wheels are

Movability can be collapsed and moved anyplace

Agreeable arm and hassock makes the individual loose while sitting

Tough it has predominant quality haggles plated steel outline

Open 18 creeps of seat width makes it roomy


Safety belt for wellbeing

Back wheel lock

Simple to clean and keep up

Ideal for long haul use


No chamber pot

No headrest

No brakes

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3 Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair


t is a self-moved wheelchair that surfaces with a strong chrome covered casing of 1.2 mm. It is ergonomically planned light-weight with talked wheels to suit an individual who can drive it physically.

Greatest client weight limit: 110 kgs, can without much of a stretch suit any heavyweight individual

Different highlights of Instant portability triumph are

Versatile can be collapsed, is minimal and agreeable

Agreeable arms and ottoman client can rest his/her foot or arms

Sturdy it concocts a hearty plan of chrome covered M. steel outline

Much extensive as it gives 46 cms of wide seat


Brake handles for security

Simple to clean and keep up

Ideal for a large to lightweight individual

Strong back tire 24″ Dia and 24″ Dia


No safety belt

No headrest

No chamber pot

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KHL Attendant Wheelchair-F12 (Steel, Dwk611)

The item is a manual wheelchair that offers sturdiness and quality with its hearty casing material.

It thinks of a seat width of 18 inches which gives enough space to an individual to sit. It has a strong wheel quality as it is outfitted with mag wheels.

Greatest client weight limit: 100 kgs, is ideal for any individual, light or hefty.

Other striking highlights of KHL orderly wheelchair are

Convenient it tends to be collapsed and taken even inside a vehicle.

Agreeable arms and stool the tallness of arm rest is reasonable for any stature individual

Tough as it is comprised of steel

Open any individual can fit in as its seat width is 18 inch


Free water pad

Without rust wheels

Back wheel lock

Simple to clean

Ideal for any weight individual


No safety belt

No headrest

No chamber pot

No brakes

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5 VMS Careline Pneumatic Regular Foldable Stainless Steel Wheelchair with Safety Belt (Black)

It is a self-moving wheelchair which is ideal for ordinary use with its strong wheels.

Its seat width is 46 cms which can offer solace to any individual and it thinks of predominant quality talked wheels. It is light-weight at 16.4kgs and smaller.

Greatest client weight limit: 100 kgs, is ideal for any individual, light or weighty

Other best highlights of VMS Careline Pneumatic are

Compact as it very well may be collapsed without any problem

Agreeable arms and ottoman to rest your legs and arms

Sturdy as it is comprised of chromed steel outlines

Roomy as its seat width is 46 cms


Ideal for elderly folks individuals

Simple to clean

Pneumatic wheels


No orderly brake

No safety belt

No headrest

No chamber pot

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Wheelchairs Buying Guide

Indeed, before purchasing any wheelchair, there are different boundaries, for example, weight limit, tallness, safety belt,

brakes and others which one ought to consider without a doubt and in this purchasing guide, we will let you comprehend those in an unmistakable way.

Initially, let us investigate what really adds to the thinking about a wheelchair?

1. Edge

This is a significant aspect of a wheelchair as though it isn’t solid then you may confront numerous issues, for example, getting harmed in a brief timeframe.

It chooses the solidness of your seat and to place it when all is said in done terms, the heap a seat can take guess

80 kgs. Additionally, a steel covered or powder covered casing can be most appropriate for bearing the greatest weight however there are different sorts of edges just as the one made with aluminum, titanium and others.

Fundamentally there are two sorts of edges:

Inflexible: It typically has single-welded outlines where the individual sits and the wheels of this sort of casing can be eliminated effectively to advance simple vehicle.

Generally, they are lightweight and comprised of aluminum and titanium which guarantee quality and toughness. Likewise, now and again, carbon fiber is utilized for its structure.

Collapsing: It concocts X-style outline which guarantees that the body or wheelchair is collapsed easily which can be kept even in a littler space.

These are likewise comprised of aluminum and titanium yet are heavier than the inflexible ones.

Likewise, collapsing ones have less quality and strength when contrasted with unbending ones.

2. Wheels

Generally, in manual or self-pushed wheelchairs, enormous wheels are available which causes the seat to pull greatest weight.

Assume, you are searching for a wheelchair that can effectively roll on the lopsided surface then a bigger one can be a fit for you.

To clarify more, we have enrolled the most three regular kinds of wheels being utilized in manual wheelchairs:

Composite Mag wheels

They are solid, strong and lightweight and are made of nylon or fiber like material.

They are by and large generally utilized because of its spring back quality during any sort of mishappenings or mishaps.

Spoked wheel

These are the sort of wheels which are like the ones utilized in bike and are structured exceptionally for individuals who are dynamic clients as they require a wheel which can roll onto any sort of surface.

Superior wheels

They are generally being utilized for sports reason and by the individuals who are extremely dynamic clients.

Generally, mag and spoked wheels are favored by individuals.

We would likewise need you to think about the tires which are utilized in wheelchair haggles is the reason enrolled them underneath:

1. Air

They are explicitly intended to give a superior and simpler ride on hard or lopsided surfaces because of the air filled in yet they likewise accompany an impediment filling of the air convenient.

2. Strong

The best bit of leeway of a strong tire is that it doesn’t think of the opportunity of getting exhausted and are best fit for riding over knocks and edges.

3. Froth filled

They are essentially the air-tires loaded up with semi-strong center which hinder the characteristics of both strong and air tires.

3. Arm, leg, and headrest

Wheelchairs are manufactured remembering the solace highlight of your body and arm,leg and headrest gives the individual complete solace.

Assume, an individual with a leg crack will search for a component which will give his legs legitimate trust the evidence speak for itself, going with better leg rest wheelchair would be simply great.

Additionally, if an individual who needs to utilize the wheelchair while staring at the TV too then purchasing the one which has head, arm and leg rest would be a superior choice.

4) Seating spread or seat

Regardless of whether you are in the workplace or sitting at your home, an off-base seat can exacerbate your back torment.

The equivalent occurs on account of a wheelchair, the seat has a necessary impact as half of your body is being settled upon it.

The seat is manufactured remembering different things, for example, appropriate stance and space.

There are seats that surface with extra pads too and in the event that you have back agony issue, at that point discovering a seat with the pad would be of no damage.


Viva Healthcare Wheel Chair is our top pick and the best among the bests as it has all the highlights which you would be searching for-transportability, agreeable,

it has a chamber pot, a lock, a safety belt, ideal for a heavyweight individual, side brakes, simple to clean, arm and leg rest, simple to clean and so forth!

All things considered, there is a different scope of different wheelchairs accessible in the market and we have aggregated elite which you can generally allude to.

Till at that point, upbeat buying. Likewise if there should be an occurrence of any uncertainty, kindly remark beneath and we will answer to you at the earliest opportunity.