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car roof luggage carrier top six the best cargo boxes number six Tooley motion xt rooftop cargo carriers the motion xt as an excellent high-end cargo box that excels in every category from its sturdy lid

and ergonomic handle to its superior mounting system we couldn’t improve this box if we tried while it does top the price charts as one of the more expensive cargo carriers 

we wholeheartedly believe that you get what you pay for with the motion xt we drove this box all over and loved it for everything from its incredible user

 friendliness to its sleek design and color options at first glance the motion xt may look like any other roof box ,but it’s an exceptional ease-of-use score set.

it is a distinguished favorite making its high price tag worth every penny for shoppers truly looking for one of the best cargo boxes on the market number five truly hyper XL cargo box.

 The best looking box you can buy if you can afford it cargo boxes aren’t the best-looking addition to a vehicle .

we get it and while none look great atop of Porsche our testers friends and family agree that the thule hyper XL is the slickest of the bunch it’s low-profile goes a long way to keep this model stylish yet.

 it still manages to fit a ton of gear like our Editors Choice Award winner the hyper XL is easy to install and remove from vehicles and several features and details make regular use a comfortable happy affair built with quality at the forefront of the design.

 we expect this model to last many years of use all in all this top-of-the-line cargo box is worth considering,

if you don’t immediately balk at its hefty price tag this box is super easy to use secure and sturdily built and looks great it has more than enough room for all sorts of gear and can be installed or taken off

most cars in less than five minutes .the hyper XL won’t disappoint if you are on board with its look and can finance the premium price number four 

Yakima skybox 16 carbonite the skybox .

Carbonite is an exceptional value because of its top-notch user-friendly design searching for a great rooftop box that won’t blow your entire gear budget. The skybox Carbonite by Yakima is a fantastic value.

 this rock-solid box is another one of our absolute favorites and we would highly recommend it the skybox Carbonite does a great job of keeping our gear safe secure and easily accessible all at a price that leaves some money left over to buy gear to fill it .

the lid isn’t really floppy at all and the latching system indicated when the skybox is unlocked making it much harder to drive away with an unlocked box accidentally on top of that the matte black finish hides scuffs and scrapes much better than the glossy Sheen of some of the more sleek and stylish models.

 we have tested the skybox Carbonite is an undoubtedly good buy you can expect exceptional value especially in comparison to the more expensive boxes 

.In this review the opening closing handle is one the best we tested and it’s matte black finish was hands down our favorite look.

The main downside .we found with the skybox as the mounting system we know that many of you only plan on mounting this box once though before leaving. 

It planted on your roof for months if this description fits you, we bet you’ll quickly forget about the annoying twenty minutes you spent mounting it and will spend months enjoying all the great other features of its box.

including the cash you saved over the premium models number three Tooley force XP rooftop cargo box the force xt XL is a top-notch product that works well for a variety of applications.

If you plan to carry multiple pairs of skis and seek a simple mounting system then it may be an excellent choice the thule force xt XL is a great cargo box that offers above-average performance.

It has a sturdy construction sleek matte black finish and simple mounting system but lost some points for not having a handle and being slightly finicky to lock,

 if you need a box that is easy to install or can transport multiple pairs of skis, 

then the force is a good option that comes at a reasonable price number 2 sportrack horizon alpine the sportrack horizon alpine is a bare-bones rooftop cargo box that gets the job done.

It isn’t the sleekest or most stylish rooftop box. we have tested to date and it can be a bit more of a hassle to install and use than other contenders.

however it costs significantly less than the top-tier cargo carrier and is just as effective at transporting skis snowboards or other gear on the roof of your car because of this.

 It earned a Best Buy award making it our top recommendation for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of cash on the cargo carrier

if you are shopping for a cargo carrier on a tight budget then the horizon Alpine should definitely be on your short list of products to consider.

 It has all the basic features you could ask for and can transport skis and snowboards all while costing considerably less than the premium products

it might not be the best bet if you are constantly taking your cargo box on and off your car or want the most features,

but it’s hard to find a better option than the Alpine for a budget conscious shopper number one sport rack vista XL rear opening cargo box the sportrack vista XL rear opening

cargo box has a great value buy with a simple design and functional features while we may not recommend this box to our adventurous friends looking for a long-term gear storage for there every weekend trip

  we might recommend this to our parents who are looking for a little extra room for their occasional vacation ,

its simplicity could be frustrating, if used daily but if you’re on a tight budget or don’t plan on using your cargo box all the time.

We think the sport rack vista XL rear opening cargo box is a great choice.

If you need a simple solution to get your gear around without spending a ton of cash especially when compared to similar boxes in its price range

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