How To Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything

how to earn money online without paying anythingYou have ordered something on Amazon before I’ve been a big fan of Amazon for a while it’s made my life so convenient and a few months ago I learned about this whole other side of Amazon .I stumbled upon these about people making just outrageous amounts from Amazon .
I was like is this real there’s an entire community of people making money about making hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions through Amazon and these are normal everyday people so today
I’m gonna break down how they actually do it we’re gonna talk to another who has made millions doing this and kind of take a look at the bigger picture of what this all means but first.

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I’ll have that down below you should totally go check it out I am a to Skillshare like I’ve just been paying for it myself this whole year and yeah I think it’s a really cool website and let’s get back into this whole Amazon thing so the way that everyday people are actually making money on Amazon is through a program known as Amazon FBA which stands for fulfillment by Amazon

Skill share

.This is a program that Amazon opened up back in 2006 before this Amazon mostly sold books and other products that they themselves source initially it was a way for small businesses to sell their products on Amazon.
Now it’s become a lot of people sourcing products from China marking up the price and selling it on Amazon and we all buy this stuff even though it’s marked up way more than its initially word because it’s reckoning it this is a product that has made a million so how do I know.

This well I kind of went down a rabbit hole watching about it and also I know an Amazon seller who’s been really successful and gave me the inside scoop well.

I mean there’s a million ways to make money online but the problem is like most of them just don’t work well or if they do it’s like you’re spending an hour to make like a dollar yeah so you guys may remember

to how much money a million views get and his entire basically is about how to make money online and he’s done it a number of different ways actually but a big one is from being an Amazon seller .
Amazon is the biggest e-commerce retailer in the world you know most of your watches and everyone in the USA pretty much uses Amazon there’s over a hundred million Prime customers and you know every of every dollar that’s spent online over 50% of that passes through Amazon.

what people don’t realize is that Amazon isn’t the you know seller of these products for the most part like a you know 70 70 percent or so of product sold on Amazon are actually sold by people like you and I like they’re not sold by Amazon and so you know you can create these big brands selling products on Amazon.

I’m not gonna lie when I first saw this stuff I didn’t believe it was real like I just seemed too good to be true but not saying exactly how it works from someone that’s actually done it so let’s get into the specifics of how people actually do this using the same business model.


you know Walmart uses where you wholesale products for $1 each but you buy 500 and you sell them individually for $20 each via Amazon and Amazon does most of the work for you they take all the products to their fulfillment centers they pack it they ship it they accept the money you don’t need a website so obviously this is not some groundbreaking business model. this is basically what every retailer uses but what’s different about this whole Amazon craze is people never even have to touch the physical product we all have products in our house.
I’m sure that we purchased from someone who’s done this exact thing so how people are actually doing this whole Amazon FBA thing is they’re going on a website called Alibaba comm and

Alibaba is the biggest online commerce in the world it takes pretty much all of the wholesalers in China, and puts them online where you can buy a wholesale and literally anyone can go on here and buy products wholesale they have pretty much anything you can imagine

Amazon FBA

I even found a boat on here pre constructed houses and this weird-looking car it’s honestly just fun to even go on here if you have no intention of doing Amazon FBA because they have the craziest stuff at a fraction of the price here we have a motorcycle for $400 a two-story duplex container house like honestly that thing looks really cool vacation house someone get my laptop away from me before
I buy it you’re telling me this is it can be shipped to me I just I don’t get it here’s kind of an interesting one I know people are obsessed with these Jade rollers well a dollar and 99 cents on collie Baba the thing with Alibaba is you have to buy it in bulk like you have to buy a hundred or more you can’t just go on there and buy one but with so many products out there it made me wonder which products actually sell millions on Amazon

,and which ones don’t really sell anything at all I’m the first product that we ever ordered like the first border from Alibaba that I made I spent around six thousand dollars back then I had a 95 job. I didn’t have much money

I was like so scared about investing it you’re like I could lose this alright and you’re sending it to like a Chinese manufacturer it’s very scary like.
I was super scared but I was like I have to get out of this job I’ll literally do anything so I actually ordered Kevin’s first successful product and you guys will see that’s kind of a random one so this is it this is the large slate cheese board,

and I’m actually kind of pumped that I have this now because I love a good charcuterie board I totaled it just looks like something you’d see at Bed Bath & Beyond Sonali Baba this item was actually less than two dollars once you factor in shipping and some other expenses it’s gonna be a little more than that and then they were able to sell that on Amazon close to $50 we made our initial investment back to 6,000 that we invested in the first week selling our products and then after that everything else was you know profit but we didn’t take the money out.
we just kept reinvesting it into more products more products more products and then all of a sudden like we were making you know more for Amazon than we were from my nine-to-five job really quickly and so I just quit I mean I learned that one reason this item did well is because it’s a gift item .so people aren’t that likely to return it another thing I learned is that differentiated the products so instead of it just being the slate he actually included some utensils –

I actually ordered one of the competitor slate cheese boards and this is all it came with it didn’t come with these little guys here so this is another product that I sold this was probably the most explosive product that we ever sold it’s a scratch off masse but essentially like you buy it as a gift and then like let’s say you’ve been at like Kenya or something you would scratch off Kenya on the map and it kind of like you know it starts out black with some like kind of dull colors and then there’s like beautiful kind of colors underneath it so same thing with this product really it’s definitely a gift item these were so popular last year.

I feel like everyone had one another thing I learned about why this product was really successful and profitable is because it’s so lightweight so it’s really really inexpensive to ship it

2019 for sure the landed cost for a scratch-off Mouse was like two dollars and thirty something cents I mean we were selling them for like $29.99 so they’re making about $27 per unit and in some part of the year selling a thousand units per day as around twenty seven thousand six hundred ninety dollars per day .
I spent so long designing the map with my graphic designer like in Photoshop it took literally like you like actually designed it oh yeah yeah for sure we because we differentiated our it’s like

I don’t recommend that people go and sell the exact same thing like we hid like wonders of the world like for example like the Eiffel Tower was like a little like symbol on the map and we tried to make it like fun there was like map or flags on the bottom so clearly people can make a lot of money doing this and honestly anyone watching this
.I’m sure could do it too I found that this sometimes leads to a lot of poor quality products on Amazon so this is a clothing rack I bought on Amazon for 1899 the quality is so terrible it’s supposed to stay up here like way up but never once has it actually to stay up and work like so .

I found the same garment rack on Alibaba three dollars and 98 cents this is a little car vacuum I bought this for $24.99 this is the exact car vacuum if you order a ton of them it can be as low as five dollars and 13 cents and if you’re wondering the vacuum works pretty well but they advertise it as high-powered and it really doesn’t work that well other things to know just as someone who shops on Amazon a ton of people are selling the exact same products literally made at the same Factory it’s pretty easy to tell when it’s made at the same factory.
so you might as well just buy the cheapest one another downside to this is it’s really not the greatest for the environment which I don’t want to ignore especially if you end up buying a poor quality product it’s likely to just end up in a landfill okay so that is the truth about Amazon

I hope you guys found this interesting I just saw so many people like this but it was always from the point of view of someone trying to sell me something and I’m not really trying to sell you guys on it like I don’t care if you do Amazon FBA but I figure

I’m kind of like scratching the surface but yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this be sure to if you did comment down below what you think of this whole thing


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