What is the Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain


What is the Best Treatment for Lower Back PainMany of us have back problems, usually in the lower back.

Low back pain is generally classified into specific and nonspecific low back pain.

In the case of non-specific low back pain, there are complaints for which no specific cause can be demonstrated to date.

When we can identify a cause that causes the back pain, we speak of specific low back pain.

This may indicate a more serious problem in the back, such as a hernia. Fortunately, nonspecific low back pain is the most common.

  1. Stretch relaxation exercise
  2. Monitor your limits of taxability
  3. Causes of the lower back pain
  4. Inadequate exercise
  5. A wrong attitude
  6. Low back pain symptoms

In about 90% of all people with low back pain, the back pain is nonspecific.

1 Stretch relaxation exercise

What can you do about it yourself?
Make sure to retract your belly button and tighten your abs when you bend over.

This stabilizes the spine and prevents back pain.
If you have to lift a heavy object (e.g. a suitcase), try to do this from bent knees as much as possible.
Change positions regularly to prevent one-sided strain on the back.
Try to get back work as soon as possible.

Possibly with an adapted range of duties.
Check for yourself whether the back pain worsens when bending forward or when leaning backwards.
If you experience pain when bending forward, it is advisable to make this movement as little as possible, keep the back slightly hollow and sit as little as possible.
It may help to stand up regularly, place your hands in your lower back, and gently lean back. Note: this should not make the complaints worse.
2Monitor your limits of taxability.

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Healthy food for a better recovery.
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Acute, subacute and chronic back pain
In general, low back pain has a favorable, natural course.

Acutely occurring low back pain will in most cases go away on its own.

The pain can be severe for the first few days and you may feel severely restricted in daily activities.

Fortunately, this severe pain usually lasts only a few days to a few weeks.

After this you may experience less severe residual complaints and / or stiffness for a period of time.

These complaints will gradually diminish until you have fully recovered.

In 75-90% of the people, the complaints disappear within 4-6 weeks. It is important to aim for a full resumption of all your activities within 6 weeks.

A small group (approximately 10-15%) develops chronic pain complaints, which are accompanied by serious limitations in activities, absenteeism and in a later phase incapacity for work.

The duration of low back pain is classified into:

Acute (0-6 weeks)
Subacute (7-12 weeks)
Chronic (> 12 weeks)
Chair massage at work
3 Causes of the lower back pain

Nonspecific low back pain can have many causes.

The most common causes that we see in occupational physiotherapy:

4 Inadequate exercise
Moderate muscle strength of abdominal, back, buttocks and / or leg muscles
Insufficient muscle strength of the deep back and abdominal muscles, as a result of which the back cannot be stabilized sufficiently
5 A wrong attitude
Anatomical abnormalities, for example pelvic tilt or leg length difference
6 Low back pain symptoms

With low back pain, the degree of complaints can vary greatly.

The complaints that can occur are:

Gradual increase in back pain
In addition to pain, stiffness is often also experienced
Radiance in the buttock or thigh area
The pain can be made worse by certain postures, movements and external stress (such as lifting)
Morning stiffness, or stiffness after sitting for a long time
The most important advice: keep moving!

Last idea

If you move less for fear of the pain, your muscles will weaken and your back will become even stiffer.

This often increases pain complaints even more.

If you take active steps from the start, you will get rid of the back pain sooner.

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