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Best fitness trackers 2020  where you’re looking at right here is the brand-new Fitbit charge for which now has onboard GPS NFC for payments .Spotify controls and many more features to make this easily my all-time favorite fitness tracker for those reasons and many more. 

Now the Fitbit charge 3 was already very powerful and a lot of people really liked it. I think what they did here is they added all the right features to make this really compete with almost some smartwatches out there and for people that had a pebble back in a day.

 they might be looking for a replacement this very well could be your next replacement to the old pebble now with that being said guys. 

What I really like about the Fitbit charge series is that they don’t claim to do more than. they can up a lot of smartwatches and fitness trackers try to add a lot of features. and kind of half-ass all of them whereas Fitbit right here adds only the ones that you really pretty much need and are going to want and they do them absolutely perfectly.

I’ve been really struggling to find any drawbacks with this watch at all. but there’s definitely a lot to talk about there are some drawbacks but for the most part I want to go through a physical tour of this device

.I’ll give you an interface tour show you ,what you’re able to do talk about what’s new on this device and of course .we’ll go through the app as well before going into some tests on this, to see how accurate the heart rate sensor is. 

the sleep tracking the step count and pretty much everything else. I can test on this device so clearly a lot all right so starting off with the physical tour of this device. when you open the box that you do have two different straps that it comes with. 

it gives you a longer one and a shorter one so it should fit pretty much anyone’s wrist and what I really like about 

Fitbit is actually their proprietary like snap-on technology there. I like the material they used. It feels really good. The strap is relatively wide but I think it has a really nice aesthetic to the overall band where it doesn’t make it look as large as.

 it actually is so it doesn’t feel very large when it’s on your wrist when you compare it to something like the me band 4 it’s clearly larger. 

Fitbit charge 3

but ultimately it doesn’t you don’t notice it when it’s on your wrist just because they did such a good job with the design. now it does have a 1 inch screen right there it’s black and white and by that. 

I mean it’s more like greyscale if we look at the back .we do have a couple sensors right there so we have our classic 2 diode

 heart rate sensor like, I said I’ll test that out later on and then we have our little blood oxygen sensor on the bottom or the top depending on. how you orient this and of course on the other side we do have those three nodes that’s how we charge this .

they have a little charger that just clips on to it. and so you can hang the Fitbit from an outlet or wherever. it is now otherwise the band is pretty simple one thing you’ll notice is that it does not have any buttons on there 

.that’s because this is waterproof its water rated for up to five atmospheres so swimming with this showering washing your hands. 

you really shouldn’t have any problems as long as you’re not scuba diving and instead of having a physical button, what they have similar to the charge three is.

 they have this kind of touch sensitive thing on the side so there’s no actuation but there’s still essentially a button there where you pinch the entire thing you’ll get some haptic vibrates a little bit to let you know that you did in fact pinch it and that’s how you’ll either turn the watch on or turn the watch off.

 if you do it again or if you press and hold that it actually opens up kind of a second menu. there well let’s actually get into the interface now. I want to show you guys what you can do with this device okay so getting into an interface tour, 

here you’ll see that if you just press the side button like I said you can turn it off or turn the face on. you have your just your watch face right there. 

there are different ones I’ll show you in the app. but this one just shows me the time my step count some basic information ,and if we swipe from the right 

we can get into our different apps or widgets on here and there is a limited number of them.

 I’ll show you them in the app on the phone ,so that you can actually decide which ones are showing up right here but we have exercise right there.

 if we go into exercise you’ll see we have about six different exercises .

we can do so we have like swimming running treadmill outdoor workout and then we believe it’s just a walk 

.it’s the last one if we press the side button it goes back if we go into Spotify assuming you have Spotify Premium .

you are able to control the song with this so it shows you the song playing the time if we swipe over.

We can go to the next or previous song. We can decide which device is playing if we have a smart home you can play it on different speakers with this or you can go and turn on shuffle right there as well on the top .

I find that it’s very impressive you can’t actually save music to this and you won’t obviously won’t be able to connect earbuds to this either ,

so this is not really going to be a music standalone device .when you’re running but it is nice you can control your songs with this.

 if you’re playing on earbuds and your phone is somewhere else or if it’s in your pocket. I do like having that feature as we go over our agenda right there. 

we have relaxed which is kind of a guided breathing right there if your stress is pretty high. as we go over we have timers .

we have alarms from Fitbit we also have weather right here so they’ll show you what the weather is in your area and of course settings right here. 

you can change the brightness they do have auto brightness on here .I think that is really really nice to have vibrations. 

you can have normal haptic feedback on this or the vibration motor is actually really strong. I think that it does a great job for alarms or for notifications as well. 

you can see your heart rate right there you can turn it on or off obviously would save some more battery life .we can turn Do Not Disturb on or off and enable or disable sleep mode there the heart rate zones alert right there.

 it means that if your heart rate gets too high. 

it can give you alerts and let you know that maybe you need to calm down. a little bit and then if we go back to home you are actually so keep tapping until we get back to home.

 we can actually swipe down from the top and you’ll see your notifications right there. there are quick replies so if you have a text message on Android you can say yes or no or whatever short quick replies. 

you set in the app on top of that you can accept or reject phone calls from here and you can reply to like emails and a couple other things as well then. 

if we swipe down from the watch face you’ll see your battery percentage. this is supposed to last seven days I’ve been getting actually exactly seven days with normal use 

but if I am using GPS. It is a little bit less so depending on how long I run every day. It ends up being about four days before I have to charge it again assuming I use GPS on this currently.

it does not support connected GPS so if you’re running with your phone. they just use the GPS on this device eventually. they said that they will release an update where it can toggle between GPS on this device or GPS on your phone to save battery life, 

That is going to be very nice because if you have GPS on full time and you’re just on a non-stop run with this .

The GPS or the battery should last about five hours so not the longest but honestly who’s I never really run for five hours anyway so as. 

we go down from the watch face right there ,we do also have the step count for the day. they tell you how many hours you moved like 250 steps or something .

they have something new kind of like move minutes. I assume that’s because they’re assimilating with Google then we have your heart rate right there. 

they have how far you walked the day and calories and staircases how good your sleep was and how long you slept so a lot of health stats are just really accessible on this device right here. 

so that’s essentially the entire interface like I said if you tap in a hold, you can get some extra things so you can get like the Fitbit pay right there. 

you’ll be swiping up and down to type in. your PIN that you have or we can go back and you can go into some quick settings right here turn on 

Do Not Disturb sleep mode or the screen wake by tilting to wake like when you pick your wrist up now you might notice that this doesn’t have a quick setting for a water mode.

 I thought that may be an issue at first but honestly .it really wasn’t I found that when I was showering I had no accidental touches. so I’m not sure exactly what they did with this screen, but it did a great job performing in the shower .so it didn’t actually have any problem with accidental touches hey guys a quick aside.

Fitbit charge 4


 if you’re new here and so to test this out I’ll be going for a run with the Fitbit charge 4 on my left wrist and on my right wrist. we’ll be looking at the Suunto 7 so we’ll be testing this out for heart rate and for GPS ok 

.so it’s hard to see it’s not actually flashing that’s just the camera but we can see our heart rate right there 

.when we’re going for a run as we swipe over we get calories swiping again we’re getting how many steps we took the time time of day that is how far we’ve gone so far and I believe that all we’re seeing oh and then.

 we also see the zone minutes the pace the average pace the heart rate and we’re back to the top with that okay 

so looking at the analytics from that run you can see the GPS was not perfect. I was running on that green trail right there .

It shows me actually running in the creeks for some amount of time and then cutting the corner short by Stenton Avenue over there

 If we look at the Suunto 7 right here you can see that it was a little better on the main path but definitely also got confused over there. so it could have just been a weak signal over in that area by the bridge right there but otherwise if we go through can see the heart zone so it’ll show you a heat map of where he ran versus how hard you were working and then likewise. 

you can show you the pace so the reason it’s streaky on the way back is because I was actually running intervals on the way back so. if we go to splits this will just show you your relative time you can see the elevation gain and loss right here .

we can go to the heart rate and again this is actually where I really start to see a difference here. it shows you that the active zone minutes you ran which are for the most part.

I think it was pretty accurate. It would vibrate on my wrist and let me know when I was in an active zone so I’d say I entered like the cardio zone or the peak zone. if we look at the Suunto seven here and compare that to the graph of the Fitbit you can see in the beginning they both started off climbing very similarly.they both had a dip at maybe like the one and a half minute mark 

when I was crossing a bridge right there, there was some traffic so I had to slow down and then I started running a lot faster so it jumped back up ,but a little bit different at the pace at which it jumped back up but for the most part you’ll see that they did a similar job here except when I got to the intervals at the end. 

so the intervals were not really captured very well by the Fitbit and. I was doing total sprint intervals where I was sprinting for like 30 years seconds and then I was going to a complete walk. 

so you can see that very clearly on the Suunto seven right here but the Fitbit kind of struggled with that now that could have just been the way. 

I was wearing on my wrist maybe was the wrong part of my wrist or. just there’s a lot of subtle things that could really change 

.it when you’re using an optical heart rate sensor but the important thing is that the average overall was pretty accurate so.

Suunto seven,

If we look right here at the Suunto seven, it says that the max heart rate was 196 and the average is 163 .Whereas on the Fitbit it says it was 196 max 157 average so it looked pretty good as we went over to energy. 

it shows you how many calories you burned the impact .I had on your day so I got 30 for active zone minutes right there and you can compare it to recent runs as well all right 

So now let’s take a look at the Fitbit app right here and this is where you really start to get a lot of the full power of buying this Fitbit. so I didn’t mention before the price of this 

This is $150 which some may say is very expensive because it definitely is a more premium fitness tracking band. but at the same time you’re getting some excellent software on your phone right here some great fitness tracking and of course you also have an excellent fitness band. Looking at the app right here it shows you a lot of data right there.

I think it’s pretty digestible so it shows you at the very top your sleep score, and I do like how they show it as a digestible score right. 

there so 82 it’s on a scale of 0 to 100 means you know 80 to 100 is a good sleep so I you know slept very well last night and actually because I’m a Fitbit premium member. now you can actually go in and see some more stuff about your score so they’ll break it down not just how well you slept but also they’ll show you, your heart rate zones and your blood oxygen which doesn’t necessarily mean.

 you have sleep apnea but it can suggest if you have higher variation in their so right here oh. it says restoration they’ll show you your breathing and as we go down this graph right here the estimated oxygen variation. again it is just estimated here but they kind of show you like hey.

 If you have a lot of spikes you may have a problem with sleep apnea and I like how they go deeper into the analytics here than some of the other devices .I’ve used that just to kind of tell you like yep good sleep or bad sleep because now.

 you can actually say hey maybe I was like I spent nine percent of the time tossing and turning maybe. I’m just not comfortable, maybe it’s too hot in the room maybe .

I have sleep apnea you like. you can really start to figure out why you’re not sleeping well with this as we go down .you can see just some really quick things like just moments right there. they tell you how many steps you took today. some basic analytics like that your heart rate how many hours in the day. 

you had 250 steps and of course .you can change that goal as well and that’s pretty much everything .they show you right there you can go through different days as well. 

If you want to do that across the bottom we have discovered right there .we have community and we have kovat 19 unfortunately right now depending on when you’re watching this.

 it may not be relevant but you do have some cool things there. you can see like little in the discover thing .they’ll have some little blogs some little workouts you can try doing and then besides that ,you can see at the top, if we go up and tap on my icon right there you have my Fitbit premium account but if we go into the charge four that’s,

 this device right here obviously you can really kind of make some changes to the device from your app on their phone right here. so you can change the clock faces right. there as I mentioned before you can go and choose from a handful of what they have they’ve probably liked. 

I don’t know fifteen or twenty .We can go to the apps like. As I mentioned before as well, we don’t really have third-party apps at all. you have is if you go to all apps, they have like I don’t know seven or eight different apps you can choose from so they have Spotify. 

they’ve got weather and things like that then we have a wallet right there and I found that about half of my credit cards were not accepted for the wallet right there.

 it’s just something that currently they’re not set up with all the banks out there. then what I really like is if you go down to notification so you can decide which notifications you get on the watch right now. 

I have all of my notifications. Anything that pops up on my phone will show up on the watch and you can also adjust your quick replies right here. I really did like this app before I said maybe I didn’t like it as much but now that I’ve upgraded a Fitbit premium.

 I really like the analytics I can get especially on sleep so now let’s get into a little bit of testing to see how good these sensors actually work okay so getting into the pros and cons.

 The first con is that you don’t have a ton of work out to choose from. You have maybe six or seven workouts on this watch, honestly. 

I mean admittedly those are the ones that I typically do anyway but it’s not going to be like Suunto. we can select paragliding and something crazy like that now the second con obviously. It is a black and white screen .

I do wish you could have color on here but considering that the battery lasts as long as it does I really can’t complain and then really. The only other con the third one that I have is that you can’t necessarily get a lot of apps on here now. it is a fitness tracking band, 

I don’t expect to get apps but at $150 .you could spend just a little bit more and get a pretty low end SmartWatch or even a medium SmartWatch for that matter and you could be getting third party apps like Strava and apps like that so it’s just very small drawbacks like that 

.but for the most part functionally the way this watch works. I would say it’s I mean it really gets five stars .I think it’s an excellent device. I think that it does a great job and it’s very comfortable .

The sensors are pretty accurate. The app is obviously one of the best parts about having this and I definitely recommend that if you’re going to buy this take the time to upgrade a Fitbit premium at least try it out.

I mean this is not an affiliate link, in any way I’m not promoting them. but I’m just sayin I tried it. It’s like 90 days for free .I really like the extra insights you get from the coaching you get, and I just think that’s a really useful way to kind of optimize your experience with this.

 Fitbit so overall guys like I said I definitely recommend thi. it’s by far the best fitness tracking band on the market expensive yes but if you can afford it. 

it really pays for itself I think in how much better you’re going to feel and when you’re able to track your fitness like this. me know, what you think of the Fitbit charge 4 will you be buying it or not and why as always guys thanks


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