Best Health Care Resources in 2020

Best Health Care Resources in 2020 As some businesses consider reopening and others wait and see, employers are presented with a veritable smorgasbord of technology products relating to health, retirement, investment, leave, perks, and more.

Some are tailored to helping businesses find ways to be more safe during the pandemic.

  1. Zensar
  2. Virgin Pulse
  3. Stork Club
  4. Securian Financial
  5. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
  6. John Hancock Retirement
  7. Catapult Health
  8. Alight Solutions

Others are offering digital work processes, ways to dial in to the new trend in benefits personalization, or ways to offer a traditional service in a new way.

Take a look.

1 Zensar announced the launch of Humané, its digital employee experience transformation solution.

The solution augments a company’s current HR systems and process framework with a native digital platform encompassing end-to-end employee lifecycle experience.

Voya Financial announced its Employee Benefits business launched a new Voya Leave Management offering.

It will be available to workplace clients and  effective Jan. 1, 2021. Voya Leave Management services aims to offer employers an alternative to internally administering FMLA and complying with the ADA by managing leave of absence requests, accommodation requests, and SAW accommodation requests and providing personalized customer service with an assigned case specialist.

2 Virgin Pulse has launched VP Passport, a critical health, safety and crisis response platform, as part of the company’s broader

Return-to-Workplace solution. VP Passport combines live health coaching, screening, monitoring, survey and attestation tools, content, real-time reporting and analytics.

It can be configured to segment and support populations according to different parameters such as location, employee type, job function and return- to-workplace phases.

3 Stork Club

Stork Club announced its maternity care platform.

The Stork Club platform aims to provide a continuity of care, treating every component of maternity care together, not in silos.

Employers add Stork Club to their health plan to provide coverage for fertility and certain aspects of maternity care.

Covered employees and their dependents access Stork Club desktop and mobile apps to get recommendations and care relevant to their current family goals: whether they plan to have a child later, now, are already expecting or returning back to work.

4 Securian Financial is expanding its retirement plan investment solutions with the introduction of Target Pro Portfolios.

It creates a personalized investment allocation unique to each employee. Stadion Money Management creates the asset allocation formula for participants using Target Pro Portfolios.

Financial professionals leveraging the portfolios can choose the degree of fiduciary involvement best suited to their clients, practice and value proposition. .

5 assachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company announced  advice solution called Manage My Retirement, a professionally managed account service through NextCapital Advisers.

Manage My Retirement ‘advice engine’ builds a personalized retirement plan and portfolio for using up to 30 specific data points, including retirement age, savings rate, gender, marital status, health, salary risk, guaranteed income, and funding gap, among others.

Legg Mason and its affiliate, ClearBridge Investments, LLC, announced the launch of Legg Mason’s first exchange-traded fund.

The ClearBridge Focus Value ETF offers investors access to a strategy that seeks to identify a select number of large capitalization stocks able to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Precidian Funds LLC serves as the ETF’s investment manager and ClearBridge Investments, LLC, the subadviser, is responsible for managing the ETF on a day-to-day basis.

6 John Hancock Retirement announced the launch of two digital tools, Onboarding Resource Center (ORC) and Plan Manager.

The ORC digital tool provides financial professionals with access to self-serve for participant onboarding and enrollment materials.

The redesigned Plan Manager digital tool enables advisors to service their John Hancock plans remotely through the automated scheduling of plan sponsor and participant activities.

EY has developed a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan

Forgiveness Platform designed to support banks with the end-to-end loan forgiveness process in an efficient manner and offering an elevated digital user experience for borrowers, allowing for monitoring of their loan forgiveness status and self-service submission of documentation during the coverage period.

7 atapult Health announced it has launched new programs to help employers ease uncertainty while welcoming back employees amid COVID-19 concerns.

These offerings incorporate virtual Nurse Practitioners who screen for COVID-19 symptoms.

Castlight Health announced Working Well, an end-to-end solution that tracks the health of the total population with symptom and exposure assessment, testing protocols, worksite contact tracing.

Employees are guided through the relevant screening and testing protocols, as configured according to each organization’s policies.

8 ight Solutions announced a mobile app that provides configurable screening and access to health care concierge services for all employees returning to their physical workspaces.

Alight’s app provides health assessments and care options for employees affected by a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or those who could potentially be infected.

Each day, employees complete a short, symptom-focused questionnaire, based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and employer guidelines and are given an immediate pass/fail notification via the app.

Those who aren’t cleared to return will be connected to health care resources.