Graphic Design Trends 2021


  Graphic design trends 2021 By definition, design or design is both an artistic and an industrial discipline that strives to create an object, a set of objects or an environment within the framework of aesthetics. It is an applied art that allows a product to distinguish itself from its competitors by its shape, size and the different colors that characterize it.

Thanks to the 3 dimensions, the design can now have length, width, depth and more textures. By using 3D software or applications, drawn objects get a relief and therefore a more realistic image of your products.

The role of 3D modeling in marketing

Designs play an important role in the aesthetic, functional, technical, economic and sensitive aspect of a product.

They help to better express the identity of the company, to give it a good image by acting as advertising.

Your customers feel the atmosphere within your company, which reassures them about the quality of your products and services.

If it is already easy for companies to draw an audience from a drawing, imagine the result with a 3D image, highlighted objects, a personalized scenario from all angles: colors, textures, volume 

In addition, 3D styling can be applied to all existing areas. You can use 3D software to design objects, buildings, clothing, etc.

How do you implement the 3D stylus in your digital strategy?

The Internet is now the platform where companies promote their brand. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to follow a good web marketing strategy.

3D will help to better display your products on your website. 3D software can beautify anything, even models that are not very photogenic.

In addition, your customers can view and test the article remotely.

3D animations are more likely to attract attention. A 3D visual is therefore recommended for a launch or advertising campaign.

When it comes to a product, you can also consider presenting it on a white background; it is a marketing technique that is very much used today.

Using 3D software can be an asset as you can customize your item at will depending on the criticism received.

Here are the 8 steps to follow to ensure your digital strategy:

  1. Market and competition analysis.
  2. Definition of objectives.
  3. Definition of goals.
  4. Definition of the budget.
  5. Definition of digital channels.
  6. Implementation of the substantive strategy.
  7. Realization and analysis of the results.
  8. What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality or AR is a technology that enables the integration of virtual 3D elements in a real environment.

It is about the integration of digital content in the real world, ie combining the real and the virtual. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not require headphones.

It allows you to directly add virtual elements to your content through software or a mobile application on your device or by linking them to the functionalities of your 3D software.

How do you use augmented reality in your design strategy?

By using augmented reality in modeling your product, you can communicate better with your customers.

Even remotely, users can get information about your product in real time.

By combining 3D and augmented reality, you can, for example, also get an even more extensive picture on your website. This will result in a better image that will appeal to internet users.

What are the 3D modeling tools?

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An aspiring 3D graphic designer should study, even if self-taught, know all the basics of drawing and be an expert in 3D software.

Yes, to be able to make 3D designs and plans, he must first have excellent notions in drawing.

To be able to make good 3D representations, one has to master more than one tool. Its use is quite complex and requires both training and long-term commitment.

Software for drawing plans in 3D

Before proceeding to 3D modeling, plans must first be drawn, especially in architecture.

With these software programs you can draw the plans in detail and have access to all angles. These are architecture software such as Autocad and Archicad.

However, this kind of software is not enough to have a convincing render design to sell products or projects. For this you need to call on a computer graphic designer or a 3D agency.

3D software and 3D modeling applications

These are 3D computer modeling tools. To make a 3D plan, you have to understand how they work.

There are also 3D applications available for download on your mobile devices: phones, tablets or iPad. Most of these 3D applications are free.

When it comes to 3D software, there is plenty of choice on the internet. The most recommended are Sketch’Up and 3D Studio Max.

They are primarily designed for computers and their use is reserved exclusively for professionals, especially complex software such as 3DS Max.

A 3D software has many features that are ideal for any drawing style.

There is also a so-called rendering engine: it renders 3D projection, textures and lighting effects, model data that users can access via a download.

This software is used to create an image, 3D objects and 3D animations, to design cartoons, video games and other creations.

The 3D printer

This is another important tool in 3D modeling. It can reproduce parts drawn in a 3D drawing software.

Users can print objects while preserving their shapes and textures. To take advantage of its use, it is necessary to master the graphics.

There is indeed a connection between the two: the design of the objects is done by the 3D software, after which they are produced by a 3D printer.

However, this printer has two functionalities. One is to print, the other to scan real objects and reproduce them in a 3D software.

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Why use 3D software?

3D modeling has many advantages. 3D design applications and software have features that allow you to work on a 3D drawing more accurately, faster, and more efficiently.

Better display thanks to quality and precision

These programs have pre-existing models, which can be accessed by the users by downloading them. These are models that have been standardized and saved, sometimes in a different 3D software by another user.

The 3D software or other applications are equipped with automatic calculations and verifications that help to locate an object in a room and to know the details useful for the implementation of the projects: the materials to be used, the necessary equipment … in this way they guarantee the quality of the rendering and reduce the risk of errors during the design.

Fast production and lower costs

As the site’s database grows, modeling with 3D software or applications becomes automated. Downloading this data reduces documentation and design time.

You will be able to quickly obtain and implement 3D plans.

The less time you spend designing plans in 3D software, the more you save on costs.

After all, the cost of designing 3D designs varies according to the models that users can access in their 3D software or mobile application.

Using a 3D model on site is also beneficial as it reduces the costs associated with creating and the various changes you need to make during the design of your 3D drawing.

On the other hand, using 3D software doesn’t cost as much as you might think since most 3D applications or software are free and can be downloaded.

Better visualization and data backup

A user can save a document or the images he has designed in a 3D drawing software. Any other person using this 3D software will be able to use these models as a reference.

In addition, the customers will be able to go to the site and view the product or the 3D image of the medium on your interface. Visual images thus provide your customers with a better perception of your item.

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What are the professions related to 3D modeling?

The designer must master two very different branches: graphic design and styling. In addition, he must also be able to deal with 3D software.

All these skills enable him to work effectively as a 3D graphic designer.

The 3D graphic designer and the 3D computer graphic designer

The graphic designer is a specialist in visual communication. He is primarily an artist: an expert in plastic art such as simple or 3D drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.

He also masters typography and other areas related to styling. His imagination, inspiration and creative power know no bounds.

He is mainly concerned with graphic arts and his creations are aimed at brand advertising, industry or trade.

He is versatile and mainly uses a traditional tool: the pencil. Of course, the graphic designer also has a skill in 3D.

The computer graphic designer is a more advanced version of the graphic designer. He masters graphic design and has a very good knowledge of computer tools.

However, he does not have the imagination of the graphic designer, but his function is to realize and finish the creations of the latter.

He uses the content and models at his disposal and improves them for optimal display. The main tools are the computer, a graphics tablet and a pen.

A 3D computer graphic designer uses 3D design software or 3D applications. Adobe System DTP software is most commonly used for design: Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator.

He or she can use 3D software and create 3D designs. He can work alone or in a team with 3D software or an application and can participate in the design of 3D animations, applications, videos and even 3D games.

The web designer

The job of a web designer is to design the visual identity of a website. In other words, a web designer creates or designs the website of our companies.

He must master the graphics, as well as the Internet and its use.

He works with the computer graphics artist who creates the content that the web designer will have printed on your web.

The web designer also works on the definition of the specifications: tree structure, architecture and ergonomics of the site, interactivity, he develops the graphic charter, scripting animations …

His or her role is to attract the attention of the web users. He uses his inspiration and can also use tools such as 3D software, 3D applications and any other material that allows him to give your site a good publicity.

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What is a good 3D modeling agency?

Before you entrust the creation of a new interface for your website or the design of your new mobile application, you should consider these criteria to identify a good 3D modeling agency.

A good reputation

If a site considered a reliable source offers you a 3D modeling agency, that’s a good sign as far as its image goes. But to get more information, you just need to go to the official website.

A trustworthy agency is friendly to its customers and has a presence on its platform. Former clients who have had the pleasure of working with this agency will certainly have left positive comments on their site, thus serving as advertising.

The more active an agency is on the networks, the more you can be sure of the dynamism and efficiency of its team.

A diversified portfolio

A good 3D modeling company must be versatile. If you look at his portfolio, you will see creations of all kinds: architecture, products, 3D animations, etc.

If he is able to offer you services regardless of the nature of your request, it means that you are dealing with experts .

However, if the provider is not a large agency, he might as well have a specialty in which he excels. There are individuals who do not work for companies, but who use a 3D modeling tool, 3D software or applications of any kind with expertise.

Good organization

The agency knows how to organize itself well for the elaboration of the various creations requested by the customers.

This good organization starts with its workspace, then a staff consisting of passionate designers, each with its own function, ie they can take on specific tasks instead of burdening one person with different tasks.

These designers are naturally experienced in drawing, they are users of 3D software or applications used in the design of 3D drawings.

In addition, your 3D visual company will run you through a trial period and, when designing your drawing, animation or video, will provide a daily follow-up of the work progress.

Also, the most conscientious agencies will continuously retrain their 3D modeling staff, as the 3D business is constantly evolving.

A good quality-price ratio

A 3D design agency offers the best quality to its customers according to the negotiated price.

If you take a look at its portfolio, you will see that it respects every detail of the design: volumes, textures, colors, resolution.

Quality must be her priority, because only in this way can she maintain a good image on the platforms.

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Why use a 3D modeling agency?

After getting acquainted with the 3D design business and the tools and their functions, you probably already have an idea why hiring a 3D modeling agency is a good option. See below the benefits you will enjoy by hiring a good 3D professional agency.

They are experts in 3D design

It’s a no-brainer. Entrusting your projects to 3D experts trained for this work is a plus for your business.

With their many years of expertise in 3D, they can assure you a speed in the realization of your plans as well as an efficiency to meet your needs.

It’s easy to talk to professionals: they understand your ideas better through the many 3D creations they’ve collaborated on. To give you an idea of ​​their work, these agencies also offer you the option of conducting test periods.

In addition, your designer, who is a professional in 3D creation, can also help you create custom design applications or a site with web design, extensions and custom themes.

More efficient and cheaper

If you are not a professional and do not yet have 3D software, it is best to leave the design to a 3D designer.

Not only will you get a more optimal result, but you can also save on the costs of purchasing new 3D software and on the designer’s work schedule.

Asking a 3D design agency for help is actually less expensive than you might think.

Whether it is developing a better interface for your website, creating a drawing or 3D objects, you can be sure that your plans are made from all angles and that the volume, color scheme and textures of your product will not be neglected.

Today is the best way to get people’s attention. By using 3D software to place realistic objects on the interface of a site or in a TV advertisement, companies using augmented reality or 3D are more likely to capture internet users’ attention and influence customers to use their products 

Last idea

By using 3D applications or software you will open up to more possibilities and you will have more inspiration to optimize your business image, your interface will improve the user experience on your site, you will be more likely to have your advertising campaign reach a wider audience.

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